besplatna konsultacija za socijalni mediumi


We will audit your campaigns to see how you have done so far, analyze your social landscape to profile your target audience and inspect your competitor activity to see what they’ve been up to. Based on our findings and your goals, we will map out a social media marketing strategy for your business.

We will proceed to create content that caters to the various stages of your business’ buyer personas. We will set up paid targeting and retargeting campaigns that move your target audience down the funnel until they become your happy customers. Then, with devoted organic social media management, we’ll nurture them into your brand ambassadors.

Our team is fully versed in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube paid advertising as well as paid search, and we run cross-platform campaigns to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, bring in more leads and drive sales.

We never “set and forget” our client’s advertising. We set and perfect!

Learn more about our social media marketing strategy, here, here and here.


Bring your business into the new marketing era and send your engagement rate through the roof with chatbots!

We build complex chatbot sequences that engage your target audience right where they are most chatty – their Messenger inbox.

We will thoroughly study your business processes to see where the opportunity for chatbot automation lies. Then we will create a sophisticated virtual assistant that interacts with your customer base 24/7.

Chatbots tag potential customers by any criteria that your business requires. This segmented user base can be used for retargeting in future campaigns. Chatbot marketing can be set up to warm up cold audiences, generate leads that feed into your CRM, sell your goods and services, as well as perform customer support on your Facebook page or website.

It’s easy to see why chatbots can become the most powerful asset in your digital marketing strategy. Let’s build you one and free up your time so you can focus more on building better products and services.

Make every pay per click worth it! We set up and manage Google Ads for paid search, shopping, display, remarketing, and YouTube.

Our team will analyze the competition and thoroughly research keyword demand to spot the opportunities. Once we map out your buyer’s journey, we will build and launch the campaigns.

We run ad copy tests on a regular basis in order to find the most powerful calls to action and we constantly update the list of negatives to better manage the search intent.

Let’s drive quality traffic to your website, generate stronger leads and increase sales with smart, cost-effective PPC.


Increase brand recognition with comprehensive display advertising campaigns.

Your visual ads will make their mark with campaigns set to reach your key demographics across websites, social media platforms, and video sharing services.

With our fully equipped production studio and graphic design team, we will take your creatives to the next level!